Embark on three distinct experiences of your choice, as you journey together through a creatively unique maze-like space: wonder and wander, capture pesky dragons, and brave a spine-tingling haunted adventure. 

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Choose from our

Available Experiences

Wonder Wander (Beta)

Easy going exploration of our maze, art, and tech experience (no capturing)

Dragon Capture (Beta)

Explore our maze, play though a series of goals: collect, capture and acheive

The Haunt (Beta)

Explore our maze while searching for paranormal beings and creatures

Future ExperiencesTBA

Enter Another World Using 
Augmented Reality (AR)

Journey through a mysterious building in Provo Towne Centre
Immerse in another reality, have fun and build relationships
Experience the artistic and engineering wonders of an amazing AR experience

Experience The Magic

Use AR Technology to explore a beautiful maze-like home within The Rift. Play together, unlock wonders, and experience this unique work of art

Art & Tech Wonders

You will find hidden objects, collect virtual items, and interact with another dimension.
  •          Augmented Reality (AR)
  •          Cooperative Play
  •          Immersive Experience


The Haunted Rift

Looking for the perfect Halloween date night activity? Come and explore as you discover spine-tingling spiders, ghosts, and otherworldly creepy crawlies found in our newest interactive experience: THE HAUNT  

What are people saying 
about The Rift?

I love that this is set up to make couples closer. My husband and I often have problems figuring out what to do. Now we can plan for this as part of our date nights!

Mary F.

37, Homemaker in Santaquin

Not only do we get to play with AR technology but we get to experience human connection too!

Jonathon H.

27, Graphic Designer in Spanish Fork

Sometimes it gets overwhelming having to get a huge group together to go do something. I liked the intimacy of the the two of you going through. There's no pressure & you can retain a little more with less worrying.

Brogan J.

33, Sculptor in Springville

We have never experienced anything like this husband doesn't often repeat the same date, but I see him wanting to do this again. Then we would have more date nights! LOL! I am excited and want to see more!

Allison S.

32, Teacher in Orem


Questions & Answers

What is the difference between AR and VR?

AR (Augmented Reality) enhances both the virtual and real worlds using a smartphone. VR (Virtual Reality) requires a headset and only enhances a fictional reality. 

The Rift is an AR experience, Not VR.

How long does the experience take?

The time will vary based on the thoroughness of your investigation, but you can expect about 1 hour. 

What if I don't like the experience?

We offer a money back guarantee. If you don't like it, we'll refund your money.

Are there age restrictions?
Yes. Due to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, you must be 13 years or older to enter. 

Is this a game app? Can I play it at home or is it a physical location I need to drive to?

It is a physical location in Provo, UT. As a couple you will use your eyes, ears, and our Rift Investigation Society devices to interact with the physical environment. 

Is this experience only for couples?

No, any two people will have fun playing together. Larger groups are welcome too! Simply divide into pairs. You do however need to bring at least one other person.  

Is the experience replayable?

Yes! You may use items that you collect in The Rift on future visits. We also plan to eventually expand our story so you can discover new things each time!

Is this an escape room?
No. It is more like a gamified maze + museum. There is no running or touching of physical items. All of the interactions will take place on the RIS device that we will provide you.

What are you waiting for?


Wonder Wander: $12 $10 Beta Ticket
Capture Adventure Mission: $22 $18.75 Beta Ticket
The Haunt: $15 $10 Beta Ticket

Wonder Wander: $12 $7 Beta Ticket
Capture Adventure Mission: $22 $12 Beta Ticket
The Haunt: $15 $10 Beta Ticket